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ENERGIZE™ Individual Sessions

For performing artists and all creative souls

In person or at distance by phone

Feeling stuck? Burned-out? Stressed? Unsure of yourself and of your purpose? Is the life of an artist becoming a difficult rollercoaster? Or have you lost connection with your inner-creative self? Whether you are a professional artist or an 'artist in waiting,' ENERGIZE™ sessions will help you reclaim your creative and personal power, discover your true essence and clear the blocks in your way.

ENERGIZE™ sessions are a unique combination of energy clearing and balancing work, relaxation and acting techniques, using RYSE®, Reiki, acting tools, mindfulness exercises, voice dialogue and sub-personality work.

Ideal for performance or public speaking anxiety, stress issues, self-confidence, self-esteem and empowerment. You can choose between coaching and clearing sessions. All sessions are open to non-performers as they also help with life issues such as confidence, self-esteem, decision-making, and clarity of thoughts, stress reduction and energy level.

A session will use one of the following techniques depending on your immediate need:

show I hide

energy clearing and relaxation

Sessions teach you how to clear, repair and align your energy system and how to reach your highest creative potential as well as rebalance your emotions and energy system before and after performance. Perfect for healing performance anxiety, post-performance stress, creativity blocks and self-esteem issues or to develop deeper connections with your character.

About RYSE® energy work:

RYSE® goes far beyond energy work based on older traditional models. Founded on the core concepts of polarity therapy as well as the many years of research by Nancy Risley, RYSE® realizes the fundamental evolution of our energy systems. Nancy Risley has been an energy researcher since 1972. She developed RYSE® in 1989. After clearing the sublime energy systems of her clients and students, it became clear there is a direct link between people's creativity and the level of clarity and alignment of their sublime energies. The results have been truly exciting. People move into higher levels of manifesting their desires and potential in all areas of their lives both professionally and personally.
Different than polarity therapy, this type of energy work is practiced with meditative exercises and without any physical touch.

coaching & voice dialogue

Sessions are using more traditional coaching techniques, Voice Dialogue, or acting techniques to develop self-confidence, clarify decision-making and improve stage presence.

About Voice Dialogue:

Voice Dialogue is a discipline that was introduced to me by late Mala Powers during the Michael Chekhov Institute at USM in 1999. Voice Dialogue, was initially developed in 1972, by Hal Stone, Ph.D. and Sidra Stone, Ph.D. as an exploration of relationships and the Psychology of Selves (also known as the Psychology of the Aware Ego). This technique is a tool to explore the multitude of inner characters in our consciousness, giving them a voice, and letting them speak in a facilitated and structured setting. It has been successfully used by professionals in the fields of psychotherapy, counseling, personal coaching, business or organizational consulting and creative coaching. I have found it extremely useful for actors and performers as it enables them to tap into a specific Self –or Sub-Personality– for the development of a character. And it is so theatrical!

energize closure

You can also choose a special ENERGIZE CLOSURE session at the end of the run of a show (or after a traumatic event) in order to regain your balance, refocus your inner self, and to avoid post-show blues.

distance coaching

Energy clearing is not limited by distance; therefore you can receive an ENERGIZE coaching & clearing session in the comfort of your own home. You only need to find a quiet and peaceful space where you can lie down and uninterrupted time.
We will work by phone or Skype and I will be with you for the duration of the session. You can put the call on a speakerphone. During the session, I will guide you through a meditation and clearing of all the elements of your energy system. We’ll remove blocks in your way, clear emotional traumas and fears, and release what prevents you from getting to your highest potential.
We can also do voice dialogue or talent management coaching by phone or skype.

Distance Coaching Sessions last 90 minutes.
Introductory offer: $10 off your first session.
Give it a try... you will be amazed!

find your star power


Prepare to Make the Shift to enter the cutthroat professional world!

FIND YOUR STAR POWER is a special energy clearing & coaching session. The 90 minutes are devoted to:

- INCREASE YOUR STAGE PRESENCE on and off stage and at auditions
- Clear what is in your way to make it in the business
- Remove and release performance and audition anxiety
- Fine-tune your instrument (YOU) to make it sparkle with STAR POWER

Session is 90 minutes and at the special student rate: $ 70
An amazing preparation to enter the professional world!

talent management coaching

Sessions look at your career in a holistic way, covering topics ranging from marketing and promotions, business of acting issues, organization, behavior, habits, fitness and wellness, acting training, emotional support system and creativity.


Try one session; or sign up for a package of 6 sessions over six months. It's up to you!
ENERGIZE sessions are 90 minutes long, $80.
We accept cash, check or credit cards.
Group Workshops and Gift Certificates are also available upon request.

Sessions are held by appointment only at distance via phone or Skype.

Cancellation policy:
We ask for a 48-hour notice please, or you'll be charged a 50% cancellation fee. Thank you.

Free phone consultation: for additional information or to book a private or group session, or to get a free phone consultation to discuss your path to success, please contact me.

Emmanuelle Chaulet is an acting coach and certified RYSE® Practitioner Level III (CRPL3), graduate of SPATECH Institute, as well as a Reiki practitioner and a voice dialogue facilitator. See complete Biography.

Sessions are held at distance by phone or skype

Book a session now!



Align to your Highest Acting Self
Enhance your creativity and intuition
Increase your Energy and Life Force
Intensify your stage presence
Heighten your perception
Reclaim your personal power


Clear and heal performance anxiety
Clear and heal post-performance stress
Release past roles and find real closure after a show
Recover true emotional balance
Find peace of mind, relaxation, centering


Connect with the energetic essence of your character
Fine-tune to the sub-personality that fits your role
Infuse your work with the energetic blueprint of the script
Clear the blocks in your way to crack a role
Cut away what doesn't serve you


Learn to set boundaries
Discern better for acute decision-making
Release old patterns and outmoded relationship issues
Clear traumatic events
Manifest your full potential and abundance
Reclaim your true mission
Align to your Highest Blueprint